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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Style Icon: Dolly Parton

I love this woman! Even since I saw her in Steal Magnolias where she played a wise hair dresser (one of the reason's I wanted to be one) I was in love with her style and the lovely way in which she carried herself.

The thing about Dolly.

I can't tell you how much I need sweet yet stronge female influences in my life. To listen Dolly Patron tell her own story, is in a word ah-mazing. I'm not going all VH1 behind the music on you but the woman's story is an effen Cinderella tale like no other her and her like 19 million brothers and sisters lived in a one bedroom cabin in the Smokey Mountains . Her grandfather played something, gutiar, fiddle something the important thing is that he taught her music and from there she somewhere along the way to stardom discovered big hair and things that sparkled. But more so something amazing happened she stayed NICE or she is the best actress in the world!

And say what you want about the woman, she has her own theme park! Again, Ah-mazing!

Here are some Dolly favs of mine.

Get out your rat tail combs, glitter, clip-ins and hairspray ladies! It's time to Dolly yourself up in every way! I'm more of a fan of self made glamour and at her core she's said it herself she's just a Backwoods Barbie, and I couldn't love her more.

Love and Excelsior,

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