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Friday, August 20, 2010

Cuz breaking up is hard to do.

I've come the realization that I do personal break-ups way better than I do business breakup's getting fired and or quitting has long been a big source of stress in my life since I was old enough to have a job. If I quit they hate me and I'm letting someone down, if stick around long enough to get fired I feel unwanted, unloved, a failure and like a suck wholly at life it's self. Just like in a for reals relationship. Except in a personal break up as a girl you have a whole team of highly trained break up of specialists, ie you're girl friends. There isn't a lady crew around that in between three or four of you that can't make you feel a little better about a boy leaving.

"A break up is like a broken mirror. It is better to leave it broken than hurt yourself to fix it."

"Sometimes I wonder if men and women really suit each other. Perhaps they should live next door and just visit now and then."

"There is a good way to breakup with someone and it doesn’t include a post-it."

"You can DO BETTER!"

I know, you shouldn't base who you are on what you do for cash in the world. But that's hard looking at the world we live in right now I'm working for pretty much free if I added up all the work I did for this salon I'd make a solid 3 bucks an hour. So I'm pretty sure it's time for me to leave the question is how do back out gracefully.

There in lies the underling problem not one ex employee has yet to successfully. Every ex employee has gotten shit talked about them. I have at this point resigned myself to that this will in fact happen to myself as well and there's no way around it. I was thinking a nice email but that in it's self screams "chicken shit". I have in my old age of 28 become just that, I'd rather be fired then have to walk away from anything. What a chicken shit move on my part.

Today though when I look at my 74 dallor pay check and look at how many people I've lost via moving salons and all the stress that this place has caused me on so many levels. It's time to go and just tell them. I'm thinking waving bye is enough.

And the beat goes on my friends.

Take it away Tones on Tail!


Living it up. It's a big kick
It's good for you
Watch the big freeze slip
Crack the jackpot, get out of control
If you put yourself down
You'll never win, get out of that hole
Keep your mind open, your head up
You'll never, ever get old


Your whole world could change
If only you just broke through
'cause your fears are doing
nothing for you
Keep your head up, your mind open
You'll always come through
'cause living it up, it's a big deal
It's good for you

Swap your dull grey thoughts
For fierce demands you can stand up to
Don't put yourself down, you'll never win
So let's all smash through
Through the fear of being real
Through the fear of being really you
'cause living it up, it's a big deal
It's good for you

Love and Excelsior