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Monday, May 18, 2009

Crush Alert!!!

Okay so I've been reading Vampire Knight for the last couple of years and might I just say the boys of VK are AMAZING!? I just got my new copy of Shojo beat on my way to work. First of all it's one of Shojo beat's better story line, second it's so F*&^%$ing pretty!

But I will say this I'm a total sucka for a brooding boy so here is who I've been crushin' on for like a year now...

Oh Zero you can Neck Rape me any day.....

zero Pictures, Images and Photos

Yuki pic him!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The blogger formally known as Lilly Holiday!

Life and times of a girl in clear heals really doesn't fit me anymore...I mean I'm no longer working in a strip club and I feel like that leaked into my life in too many other ways. There are just something that have such a big weight on them that they get a mind of there own and start spreading to every corner of your life.

That's kinda what it's like working in a bar. Well, those kinds of bars anyhow.

Well three cheers for new stuff! Take it away Mr. Bowie!