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Friday, August 20, 2010

Cuz breaking up is hard to do.

I've come the realization that I do personal break-ups way better than I do business breakup's getting fired and or quitting has long been a big source of stress in my life since I was old enough to have a job. If I quit they hate me and I'm letting someone down, if stick around long enough to get fired I feel unwanted, unloved, a failure and like a suck wholly at life it's self. Just like in a for reals relationship. Except in a personal break up as a girl you have a whole team of highly trained break up of specialists, ie you're girl friends. There isn't a lady crew around that in between three or four of you that can't make you feel a little better about a boy leaving.

"A break up is like a broken mirror. It is better to leave it broken than hurt yourself to fix it."

"Sometimes I wonder if men and women really suit each other. Perhaps they should live next door and just visit now and then."

"There is a good way to breakup with someone and it doesn’t include a post-it."

"You can DO BETTER!"

I know, you shouldn't base who you are on what you do for cash in the world. But that's hard looking at the world we live in right now I'm working for pretty much free if I added up all the work I did for this salon I'd make a solid 3 bucks an hour. So I'm pretty sure it's time for me to leave the question is how do back out gracefully.

There in lies the underling problem not one ex employee has yet to successfully. Every ex employee has gotten shit talked about them. I have at this point resigned myself to that this will in fact happen to myself as well and there's no way around it. I was thinking a nice email but that in it's self screams "chicken shit". I have in my old age of 28 become just that, I'd rather be fired then have to walk away from anything. What a chicken shit move on my part.

Today though when I look at my 74 dallor pay check and look at how many people I've lost via moving salons and all the stress that this place has caused me on so many levels. It's time to go and just tell them. I'm thinking waving bye is enough.

And the beat goes on my friends.

Take it away Tones on Tail!


Living it up. It's a big kick
It's good for you
Watch the big freeze slip
Crack the jackpot, get out of control
If you put yourself down
You'll never win, get out of that hole
Keep your mind open, your head up
You'll never, ever get old


Your whole world could change
If only you just broke through
'cause your fears are doing
nothing for you
Keep your head up, your mind open
You'll always come through
'cause living it up, it's a big deal
It's good for you

Swap your dull grey thoughts
For fierce demands you can stand up to
Don't put yourself down, you'll never win
So let's all smash through
Through the fear of being real
Through the fear of being really you
'cause living it up, it's a big deal
It's good for you

Love and Excelsior

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dear lord! Is anyone else feeling this?

Okay for the past month now I've been having that feeling of coming out of my own skin. Earth quakes, BP oil spill, no one has any money every five minutes someone is yelling at someone else everyone acting like an Ass hats. I don't know it's times like these where I feel like I'm might dye my hair brown and get a "normal job". And the funny thing about that is that I went to school for hair so I could have a normal job. I just didn't know that doing hair wasn't one.

Another thing that makes me want to take a hostage or two is the fact that I do all of these fashion shows and try to do my best and try to be as creative ass I can and then I turn around and other stylist that are much better off than myself is copying up do's I do. What the hell man? Really there are soooooooooo many things you could do with hair and you have to what I'm doing. Really dude!?

Blah I don't know all 7 of my readers should take a vote, should I :

A. Dye my hair brown and be come a medical assistant via one of those awful trade schools!

B. Be the most colorful hooker on the BLVD?

C. Keep working at hair we're sure it will work out for you. >_>

D. Move. And be done with it.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Etsy finds. Go

HUGE Pink Deer Acrylic Necklace

Reserved for actorjess Custom striped skeleton Cameo Corset by Louise Black

The Disco Ball Bra

So today sitting at the shop and it's kinda dead so instead of being productive I decided that I need t0 shop on etsy instead. And I got the cutest new shorts ever! My friend Glen felt bad for me and how broke I am so be bought me some cute shorts.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Crush Alert!

Every nerd girl dreams of this man and don't lie and say you don't cuz you're pants would be very much so on the lair, lair kinda way not the fire crouch kinda way. Two works for ya:

Vincent Valentine.

First of all Vincent from Final Fantasy VII is the gothic bad boy counter part to Cloud. I can't count how many times in story telling this Hero, Anti-Hero team is used and if it's not Anti-Hero it's the Hero's emo BFF. Every Good Hero has one the rule of thumb here is if it's not an emo Anti-Hero it's an ethnic guy usually the token one in the series, no matter what I always fall for the emo BFF.

King Arthur/Sir Lancelot
Keith/Lance (Voltron)
Micky Mouse/Donald Duck (This one kinda breaks the rules of me loving the BFF, I fucking Hate Donald Duck. When I was six I kicked him at Disneyland cuz he tried to hug me and I was having NONE of that.
The Red Power Ranger/The Black One
Rick Hunter/Ben Dixion! Rebotech!
Ect...and so forth.

Who's you're favorite emo bad boy?

Love and Excelsior!

Hair that I'm been doing for fashion shows.

So I've been as always plotting and planning an being up to no good! I've been doing a lot of fashion shows recently so here are some of the pictures!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wonderful Words

Okay so I'm bad with writing, one of the reasons I write blogs, fan fictions I'll never cop-to and stories that will never see the light of day is I'm trying to not look like a jack-ass when I finally have to right something to someone I have to impress (it could happen one day) I won't sound like an flippin' moron.
I know at lot of words I say things all the time that if you asked me how to spell them I may or may not break down in to tears about how the educational system fuckin' left my ass right behind.

No one so great at pointing this out as my dear friend Haylie. Haylie is one of those people that will not really be paying attention to what you're say so much as how you're pronouncing everything. Love her dearly, however this a trait that makes me want to drowned her at time.

So not only for myself but for my dear friend Haylie that probably wants to put my head under a pillow every time I fuck up the word "statistics" I'm going to fall in love with a few words cuz if I don't love them chances are I won't learn them.

Here are my words this week:

Swarthy: a dark, normally broody fellow with dark features mostly looking like he's up to no good.
Used in a sentence: "That's one swarthy looking mother fucker, he looks like my ex that pawd my TV. SEXY!"

Morose: Dark gloomy out look on life normally focusing on death, you know goth shit.
Used in a sentence: "Nothing can take my out look on life to amorous to morose quite like looking at my bank account."

Saturnine: same as morose but here you can work in the astrological swing to it.
example: "Ugh! He's a Scorpio? No wonder he has such a saturnine look on his face all the damn time, I bet he owns every Joy Devision album."

I was going to use The Cure or Moz but Joy is just as sad goth if there ever was.
Well hope you enjoyed my wonderful words of the week....I did a three w thing there not sure if it's gonna stay.
Love and Excelsior!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dr Sketchy's Anime girls

So I posed for Dr Sketchy's again. As Always it was a blast! I can't wait to see what the Artists themselves upload from the session. The theme was Anime, so I dressed up as Chi from Chibits. And Lady Borgia was a pink haired geisha samurai lady thing. All and all super fun time! Take a look!

love and excelsior!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Fashion Whore Fun!

Fashion whore at the Ruby Room always a blast! Always wake up with mexican food all over my hung over face, it's wonderful! Special thanks to Miss Liz, Trica and Katelynn with a K!

such a ham!

and pose!