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Friday, December 25, 2009


Growing up with my biker father I was on a very interesting musical diet of all the so-cal punk bands while of late 90's fame in the 80's they where so fucking hardcore it you where in mere poisson of a single tape of anyone of these bands you were just with out any doubt the coolest effen rocker on the planet. I was however in possion of at least ten tapes. That I got at either shows (ps little know fact about punk rockers is that they are just like anyone else; they can't say no to a big eyed little girl. So I got all those tapes for free as well as a few shirts that looked perfect with my hot pink leapord tights!)Or I stole the tapes from my dad.

With all the punk and classic rock pumping out of my boombox I'm shocked that along side Bad Reglion, Soical D, Penniwise, there was also much to my fathers dismay Madonna, David Bowie, Prince and Cindy Lauper.

Anyways musical taste aside there are always those songs of the minute when you're a kid and hell even now that you imaged your self listening to at important moments in your life. Like this song, had you asked me back in 1992 what song I was going to walk down the aisle to I would've said with out a doubt it going to be "Right Here" By SWV. You know back when I thought marriage was something I was going to do. Ha ha!

Those sister's with voices where nothing short of awesome! I wanted long nails like them , I wanted flowie white shirts on the beach while horse back riding or maybe in a underground box club with a slight biker military feel? I don't know but much to the horror of the family in the early 90's I wanted to look like an En Vogue, Madonna highbrid. Rock'n'Roll didn't leave anything for those of us that loves all that was shiny and sparkles.

Thank you SWV for being an awesome memory.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I effen hate my coworkers

I know stylists can be catty and fucking retarded. There is this little that happens when you put a bunch of women and gay men together, it's called Fuckery. Fuckery is that time when you look around and realize that some of the people around are fucktards (ie Rude, stupid, plain mean a mixture of all those.) And you think to your self what the hell is this shit?

I was at the shop christmas party none of us really wanted to be there. But I was planning on being friendly and then leaving, suck it up it's only tonight kinda thing. However no idea that my coworkers could be so fucking rude, durning the dinner I was called a drunk (I'd had two glasses of wine), my white elephant give torn part because of the wrapping paper, and get ready for this bulimic! Yeah! what great work environment I'm going to return to! My roommate was having a panic attack because they were being so mean and awful.

I like how no one would look at one of the bigger girls eating cake and say "You're REALLY going to eat all of that?"
But they will however laugh every time I come back from the bath room. "So that's how you stay so thin!"

okay I'm slender I am but I am by no means rile thin. That and even if I was what a god awful thing to say to someone.

In stead to jumping across the table at them or starting world war 3 which would've ended in me quitting at the christmas party I simply stated that they were being rude and started praying in earnest for the dinner to end.

So now half my coworkers won't look me in the face, I'm hoping it's do to shame acting like school yard bullies when your a good ten years older than me, rad. And one of the girls that I don't really get a long still is making comments! So now it's like open verbal warfare however the problem with this is that not that it's uncomfortable work place, no no NO! it's the fact that the dumb bitch doesn't understand when I'm being a smart ass. I feel like if I put my blow dryer up to this girls ear you could dry your hair on the other side of her fucking horse faced head. God damn it.

I effen hate my coworkers.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday times!

Okay as I grow up I have come to realize that while holidays are about family, I feel like it might not be the family your born into. Fuck it, truthfully I never really talk to my family and as black sheep-ish as I am I'm sure not a damn one of those loons are loosing any sleep over it. I look forward to Christmas cards that I sent almost as a form of postal terrorism. Instead of a thank you note for a xmas card bought in bulk and simply sign cuz we have nothing to fucking say to each other. I feel like sending them an email "hey bitch plant a tree for this shit would you?"

On to the fun part of the holidays everyone feels the need regardless of weather to be out and about. And this breeds for many interesting encounters with people whom you rarely get to see. I am going to a White Elephant party, vending a craft show at Tower Bar with some of my art, going to my mom's house for actual xmas, then movie nights with friends.

But my favorite thing to do....picking awful tacky outfit for the family christmas party. I was thing something like this:
what do ya think?

Friday, December 4, 2009

Getting out about. (shit needs to go down)

I by my very nature am a social creature but I have this nasty habit of locking myself away and not doing all the things that I want to do if I don't have my own personal cheering section. Well no longer! I will be a brave lil' toaster and go to all the things that sound fun weather or not my friend want to go.

I know what I need a possie of gay boys! I need some Lady Gaga lovin' queens! I'm starting to gather more artist friends and do more artist meet up and my friend Nikki miss social butterfly is back in town.

So it is time for book clubs, clubs in general!, bake offs, live music, gotti out fits and fun!

Drunking pictures to come!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tim Burton, please don't fuck this up!

It's Ann Hathaway as The white queen, and she looks fab!I have to say I'm a fan of the set design!It all looks so good!
Shocker his woman is the red queen you go miss carter!
I feel that some of this elements in this could be brighter....I might just be brain washed by Disney. That's possible!

Mr. Deep as mad hatter?

Friday, June 5, 2009

The D&B line...aka oh shit son!

Okay so I'm a bit of a whore when it comes to fashion and when I saw these new designs I was drooling and had to share them with all of you out there in blog land!

Enjoy the eye candy!