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Friday, December 25, 2009


Growing up with my biker father I was on a very interesting musical diet of all the so-cal punk bands while of late 90's fame in the 80's they where so fucking hardcore it you where in mere poisson of a single tape of anyone of these bands you were just with out any doubt the coolest effen rocker on the planet. I was however in possion of at least ten tapes. That I got at either shows (ps little know fact about punk rockers is that they are just like anyone else; they can't say no to a big eyed little girl. So I got all those tapes for free as well as a few shirts that looked perfect with my hot pink leapord tights!)Or I stole the tapes from my dad.

With all the punk and classic rock pumping out of my boombox I'm shocked that along side Bad Reglion, Soical D, Penniwise, there was also much to my fathers dismay Madonna, David Bowie, Prince and Cindy Lauper.

Anyways musical taste aside there are always those songs of the minute when you're a kid and hell even now that you imaged your self listening to at important moments in your life. Like this song, had you asked me back in 1992 what song I was going to walk down the aisle to I would've said with out a doubt it going to be "Right Here" By SWV. You know back when I thought marriage was something I was going to do. Ha ha!

Those sister's with voices where nothing short of awesome! I wanted long nails like them , I wanted flowie white shirts on the beach while horse back riding or maybe in a underground box club with a slight biker military feel? I don't know but much to the horror of the family in the early 90's I wanted to look like an En Vogue, Madonna highbrid. Rock'n'Roll didn't leave anything for those of us that loves all that was shiny and sparkles.

Thank you SWV for being an awesome memory.

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