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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday times!

Okay as I grow up I have come to realize that while holidays are about family, I feel like it might not be the family your born into. Fuck it, truthfully I never really talk to my family and as black sheep-ish as I am I'm sure not a damn one of those loons are loosing any sleep over it. I look forward to Christmas cards that I sent almost as a form of postal terrorism. Instead of a thank you note for a xmas card bought in bulk and simply sign cuz we have nothing to fucking say to each other. I feel like sending them an email "hey bitch plant a tree for this shit would you?"

On to the fun part of the holidays everyone feels the need regardless of weather to be out and about. And this breeds for many interesting encounters with people whom you rarely get to see. I am going to a White Elephant party, vending a craft show at Tower Bar with some of my art, going to my mom's house for actual xmas, then movie nights with friends.

But my favorite thing to do....picking awful tacky outfit for the family christmas party. I was thing something like this:
what do ya think?

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