Lilly Holiday The Myth, the Mother.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gawd to I have a soft spot for.....

Unintentionally sexy songs. Just sayin'

Lilly Holiday is at it again!!!!

So this has been a super busy year for the The House of Pink BoomBox, last time you guys checked I was more focused on hairdressing. Not so any more I've now 100% thrown myself (more than likely under a bus as well as) in to Burlesk. I must say it's been quite a ride with ups downs and many a hair brained schemes that seemed more or less completely  booze soaked and completely insane.

But I'm happy to say that it's all been working out for us, insanity that is. When I started Pink BoomBox I set out to do something that San Diego's never seen before and judging by the reaction every show has been getting I'd say we're doing a pretty damn good job of that. Here's some thing to caught you up on what we're been doing. These my friends are some of devious deeds over the past year.

Seedy Soiree Oct 30, 2010 Our first show!!

Some of the highlights from this show