Lilly Holiday The Myth, the Mother.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This new year's catch phrase!

"I will be fearless."

So being the broke pampered girl that I am I found myself in my friends free yoga class at her holistic clinic and while setting my intention for my yoga practice (gawd I feel like a dirty hippy). But I think of all the things that are keeping me from what I want/need to do.

Like becoming a really amazing performer, I don't want to struggle in front of people. I fear showing any weakness in front of others. I've always been taught that you keep your struggles to yourself. which if you ever want to learn anything, you have to struggle.

The funny part about my fear is that it's not that I really care what people think of me. I care that I feel that I look dumb. I don't care that THEY think I'm dumb I care that I think I look dumb or/weak.

I find that I hide behind as my friend Fallon pointed out a lot of words and bravado. Not gonna lie as my oldest friend she hit the nail on the head. So all of that being said, this year I will:

Be Fearless

Be Weak

Struggle in front of other with out apology



Not be afraid of what I can do or where I can go and as we all know good girls go to heaven, bad girls go to hell but Pink BoomBox Girls go where ever the fuck we want.

Love and Excelsior
Lilly Holiday, Mother of the House of Pink BoomBox