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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Of Blood Oranges, Fashion shows and Broken Windows

My week thus far...

On Sunday I went to the Pink Palor Fest which looked super cool and every one of the vendors I loved and I modeled for my friend Laura of Candy Spooky fame. The Fashion show was super unorganized that she deservers to get her money back for sure!

She was treated compeltly like shit example: she was told she could only have five models five looks, other designers had more models and quick changes! and they all paid the same amount to be apart of the show! B.S. yo. And the way the producer's man was talking to her! Oh my lord if she didn't want her money back OMG!

I was going to grab the mic away from one of the little punk rock acts and freak out on stage at them. But calmer head previled (Laura's not mine!) and we left quitly....and there I was ready to be very punk rock about it and steal the curtains for her. she could have pulled a Miss O'Hara and made a cute little frock out them! Oh well. I Guess it's better to have manners and save face. Less fun but good for her for showing class! Even when I was ready to be a hooligan! Who's the older one? Oh well.

Me trying to get back stage or rather back stable.

So Lover went to Fentia? Fendia? I don't know some Burning Man pre-party in the middle of the mexican desert so no weekend lovings for me but I did get full use of his PS3, car and puppy. Sounds super fun right? It was until he's car window was busted out and truck was broken into on Monday morning the day he was suppose to get back.....Yeah I haven't had a melt down like that in a good long time. I think I cried three times in the middle Von's while asking the produce manager about blood oranges.

Nothing like having a compelt stranger comforting you while you cry over the fact that they didn't have frest blood oranges. I'm pretty sure everyone in that vons now things I'm a compelt lunatic. At Von's I got the makings of meat loaf, blood oranges and of course a 12 pack of ice cream sandwich's of which I ate 4 of in a span of about 3 hours while crying.

I had no idea of how Lover was going to take this, I called everyone in my phone book in a compelt panic. Thank god my friends are actual friends and give sound advise cuz I think if someone would have told me to stand on my head for 15 minutes and everything would be just fine I would have done it. I cleaned out the car and then taped the window...and then I processed to clean his whole house and made him meat loaf with aspareagus, mashed potatoes and gravy....with him not even home yet. And yes I am compeltly and painfully aware that this has little to nothing to do with me and I was freaking out over nothing. But the one time something is left in my care the window is broken out of the effen thing! It most likly had more to do with the that this was durning my "moon time" as it where....No wonder Lover left the country.

When Lover got home he only calmly asked what happened to his car then simply said: "Man that sucks. Oh well I had a great weekend." I wanted to burst into tears....again. All that worring over that. Oh well that's what I get from being an emotional train wreck durning my ladies troubles.

Tuesday I got paid to work out (other wise known as gogo dancing!) which was pretty sweet. Strech! and Point! Strech and Point! Now shimmy! I was dressed up like a greak goddess but I kinda just looked more like a belly dancer and Esther Williams had sex and nine months later I came out! I got a ton of business cards and I can find all of them save for the AH-MAZING! Artist named Vanassia? that wants to paint me! Shit balls! oh well the one thing I can bank on is that I will see her again cuz the promotors loved me, well I'm pretty sure they loved my strech point and shimmy, more or less. That and San Diego is the biggest little city like ever.

Well that's all the updates for now.

Love and Excelsior!
Leia aka Lilly Holiday

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