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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wonderful Words

Okay so I'm bad with writing, one of the reasons I write blogs, fan fictions I'll never cop-to and stories that will never see the light of day is I'm trying to not look like a jack-ass when I finally have to right something to someone I have to impress (it could happen one day) I won't sound like an flippin' moron.
I know at lot of words I say things all the time that if you asked me how to spell them I may or may not break down in to tears about how the educational system fuckin' left my ass right behind.

No one so great at pointing this out as my dear friend Haylie. Haylie is one of those people that will not really be paying attention to what you're say so much as how you're pronouncing everything. Love her dearly, however this a trait that makes me want to drowned her at time.

So not only for myself but for my dear friend Haylie that probably wants to put my head under a pillow every time I fuck up the word "statistics" I'm going to fall in love with a few words cuz if I don't love them chances are I won't learn them.

Here are my words this week:

Swarthy: a dark, normally broody fellow with dark features mostly looking like he's up to no good.
Used in a sentence: "That's one swarthy looking mother fucker, he looks like my ex that pawd my TV. SEXY!"

Morose: Dark gloomy out look on life normally focusing on death, you know goth shit.
Used in a sentence: "Nothing can take my out look on life to amorous to morose quite like looking at my bank account."

Saturnine: same as morose but here you can work in the astrological swing to it.
example: "Ugh! He's a Scorpio? No wonder he has such a saturnine look on his face all the damn time, I bet he owns every Joy Devision album."

I was going to use The Cure or Moz but Joy is just as sad goth if there ever was.
Well hope you enjoyed my wonderful words of the week....I did a three w thing there not sure if it's gonna stay.
Love and Excelsior!

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