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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Crush Alert!

Every nerd girl dreams of this man and don't lie and say you don't cuz you're pants would be very much so on the lair, lair kinda way not the fire crouch kinda way. Two works for ya:

Vincent Valentine.

First of all Vincent from Final Fantasy VII is the gothic bad boy counter part to Cloud. I can't count how many times in story telling this Hero, Anti-Hero team is used and if it's not Anti-Hero it's the Hero's emo BFF. Every Good Hero has one the rule of thumb here is if it's not an emo Anti-Hero it's an ethnic guy usually the token one in the series, no matter what I always fall for the emo BFF.

King Arthur/Sir Lancelot
Keith/Lance (Voltron)
Micky Mouse/Donald Duck (This one kinda breaks the rules of me loving the BFF, I fucking Hate Donald Duck. When I was six I kicked him at Disneyland cuz he tried to hug me and I was having NONE of that.
The Red Power Ranger/The Black One
Rick Hunter/Ben Dixion! Rebotech!
Ect...and so forth.

Who's you're favorite emo bad boy?

Love and Excelsior!

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