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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dear lord! Is anyone else feeling this?

Okay for the past month now I've been having that feeling of coming out of my own skin. Earth quakes, BP oil spill, no one has any money every five minutes someone is yelling at someone else everyone acting like an Ass hats. I don't know it's times like these where I feel like I'm might dye my hair brown and get a "normal job". And the funny thing about that is that I went to school for hair so I could have a normal job. I just didn't know that doing hair wasn't one.

Another thing that makes me want to take a hostage or two is the fact that I do all of these fashion shows and try to do my best and try to be as creative ass I can and then I turn around and other stylist that are much better off than myself is copying up do's I do. What the hell man? Really there are soooooooooo many things you could do with hair and you have to what I'm doing. Really dude!?

Blah I don't know all 7 of my readers should take a vote, should I :

A. Dye my hair brown and be come a medical assistant via one of those awful trade schools!

B. Be the most colorful hooker on the BLVD?

C. Keep working at hair we're sure it will work out for you. >_>

D. Move. And be done with it.

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