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Thursday, February 4, 2010


So yesterday as I was filling up the water jug for my work this guy comes up to me and tries to give me a flyer for like a bible study or something. I know it's just they and ya know I wouldn't have been so deeply offended had the flyer not said "Lonely? Single? Struggling?".

Effen really dude? No I'm not lonely I have friends and people whom care and no not one of us agree on anything save for where the best cappuccino in town is (It's cafe Calabaira btw). Single? By choice! mmmkay? thanks! Struggling? my whole effen life! Jesus can't change that, I can.

Then when I told him very politely "No thank you, I'm pagan." He laughed in my face....Sir your flyer has already done that, thank you. He was an older man so of course like most of the men in his generation (greatest generation my ass!) He looked at me with that pity that says "poor little heathen" before saying "Well in 30 year's I've never heard that! Where did you get your ideas from"

As if I have pulled that idea from thin air to try and get out of his little bible study. "Well I simply believe that there's a God and a Goddess and I got my ideas from reading and soul searching."

"And thinking I suppose." He said in a condescending tone, oh you fuck.

"Yeah I suppose I tend to do that....Think." Hence why I won't be attending your little fucking weird speed dating church group bull shit anyways. I don't loose my cool cuz that's what he wants he wants to go back to he's little christian buddies and talk about the angry little pagan girl with pink hair whom wouldn't be so mad if only she had Jesus in her heart. Instead I could almost hear Goddess laughing in my head as I turned up the F.G. (Fabulous Girl) on him. I smiled brilliantly and told him it was a pleasure to met him.

He said: "God bless you." what he was SAYING was "Good luck burning in hell you little god-less heathen! You should've let someone from my church make an honest woman outta ya!"

What I said "Goddess bless you." what I meant. "I'd rather be in hell mmmkay thanks!"

Nothing like a good old fashioned case of christian passive aggression to reaffirm my beliefs!

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